Katie Holmes & Josh Jackson Were A Fkn Flirt-Fest On The ‘Dawson’s’ Reunion Set

Without a doubt, and do not EVER @ me on this, Dawson’s Creek‘s Pacey and Joey were the all-time best couple to grace TV screens in the 00’s. And yes, it is the 00’s – are you actually going to come for me, the Ultimate Dawson’s Creek Fan, on this? The unlikely pair hooked up for the first time in Season 3, which aired in 2000. Dawson’s Creek trivia night, come at me.

Anyway, all of us Dawson’s sad-cases got very excited this morning with the reveal of the cast reunion Entertainment Weekly shoot.

But you know what is even more exciting? This level of touchy-feely between Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson.



Fans are even picking up that their poses are mirroring their iconic ones from the 00’s.

Not to mention, they shared a damn hat.

I know, I KNOW. Katie’s all loved-up with Jamie Foxx. I don’t even care, these two (yes, they did actually date IRL once guys so this isn’t far-fetched) are genuinely meant to be.

In the meantime, catch me deep inside Season 3/4.