Watch Jamie Foxx Rage-Quit An Interview After Being Asked About Katie Holmes

jamie foxx katie holmes interview

In case you didn’t know, there have been all-but-confirmed rumours circulating about Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes being “an item” since 2013. Of course, the reason those rumours are all-but-confirmed is because neither of the supposed couple will bloody talk about it.

(Which, to be entirely honest, is fair enough – if you were ultra-famous and had the option to keep your romantic life out of the spotlight and skip all the annoying paparazzi BS, you’d probably take it, too.)

Despite the fact that the pair were photographed together at Clive Davis‘s pre-Grammy‘s party, they’re still keeping mum about their relationship. Which leads us to now, and this excellent piece of footage.

Foxx was at Los Angeles’ Staples Centre, about to play in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, and he stepped up to do an interview with ESPN SportsCenter.

Even though you’d imagine host Michael Smith would have been briefed on what not to raise with his celebrity interviewee, he fucken went there, asking:

Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like some real ‘Love and Basketball’?

He was referring to reports that Foxx was seen picking Holmes up at her place on V-Day, complete with Nike bag and basketball – but Foxx was having exactly none of it.

People are finding it pretty hilarious.

At least he didn’t look super mad?