It is tradition, so the Mirror say, for the Royal Family to sit down and unwrap gag gifts, under the supervision of Prince Phil, on Christmas Eve at Sandringham House in Norfolk.

The brief is “cheap joke gift” – gosh imagine the Queen roaming a local $2 store looking for googly eye glasses or some shit. Anyway they all buy for everyone?? so it’s not a KK situation sadly. Can’t even imagine what kinda gift you’d try to buy Prince Charles.

Now, while Prince Harry once had a good ol’ chuckle giving Lizzie herself a ‘Ain’t life a bitch’ bath hat (???), hat for the bath (???), the real champion of the joke gifts for other Royals game is Kate Middleton.

Before Meghan Markle came onto the scene, in 2011, when Haz seemed like the attainable bachelor Royal, Middleton gifted him with a Grow-Your-Own-Girlfriend kit.

Just add water! I am imagining the GF as like a sea monkey but in the shape of a woman in a bikini, and also you don’t have to feed it algae. Get it, ’cause it’s not a real woman.

Middleton also got Prince Harry Gucci loafers because back in those days Haz wore shoes with holes in them, because Royals, they’re just like us!!!

Now Markle was in attendance last year and immediately got in on the fun, buying the Queen a singing toy hamster, according to the Daily Star. And everyone thought it was soooooo funny, especially when the Queen’s corgis nicked the toy for themselves.

Princess Anne figured out the Charles situation, buying him a white leather toilet seat, that he found an actual use for he now reportedly brings it with him on overseas jaunts, yikes.

Princess Di meanwhile apparently didn’t get it and in the early ’80s gave Annie a cashmere sweater. She scored a toilet-roll holder for her trouble. But she apparently figured it all out by 1982, giving Fergie a leopard print bath mat she probably got a lot of use out of.

Source: InStyle
Image: Getty Images / Max Mumby