‘Deadpool 2’ Star Julian Dennison To Kick More Ass In ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’

Deadpool 2 legend Julian Dennison has announced he’s joined the cast of the upcoming flick Godzilla Vs. Kong. Epic title alone, and you know it’s going to be a bloody gore fest.

Directed by Adam WingardGodzilla Vs. Kong is a part of the revamped series by the Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. partnership. Wingard is known for his film credits on Blair Witch, A Horrible Way to Die, The Guest, and You’re Next. Judging by those titles, jump-scares are to be expected.

Slight tangent – the series all started back in 2014 with Godzilla starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Then Kong: Skull Island hit cinemas in 2017 and starred Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston.

Godzilla’s sequel titled Godzilla: King of Monsters or Godzilla II is set for release in 2019 and stars Millie Bobby Brown and Sally Hawkins.

The sequel will see Godzilla return as our unlikely hero as the mighty beast goes up against the Mothra (giant butterfly-looking thing), Rodan (a lovely dinosaur-looking flying monster), and the three-headed King Ghidorah (a giant dragon with three heads).

Brown’s character is also expected to cross-over into Godzilla Vs Kong so that’s two brilliant child actors to make us feel shit about ourselves.

And now back to Godzilla and Kong. Basically, the two ginormous monsters meet, roar at each other because there can only be one Monster King, and then us puny humans watch as they fight for the title.

The only thing missing is The Rock having a starring role as human saviour who probably ends up defeating both monsters.

Dennison, known for his role in the spectacular Hunt for the Wilderpeople… and that groovy LYNX ad posted the exciting news on his social media earlier today:


Godzilla vs Kong is slated for release May 22, 2020.

Dennison’s latest flick, Deadpool 2 is in cinemas now.

…and for old time’s sake:


Whatta man.