Julia Gillard Australia’s First Female Prime Minister

It’s a historic day because Australia has announced Julia Gillard as its first ever female prime minister after Kevin Rudd stepped down as the leader of the Labor Party earlier today. It’s amazing to see how the country is reacting; and to get up-to-the-minute insights into how the change of leadership has impacted the people, I’ve turned to Twitter to gauge the breadth of responses.

Some people are stoked with the results

Other peeps aren’t so happy

Some are still in a state of disbelief

And some people have just gone stupid

Demands are already being made of the new leader

IT-related lols are requisite commentary with Twitter losers users

There will always be some anti-woman joker providing ‘hilarious’ commentary

Then someone else who suffers from Twitter tourette’s

And, of course, there’s always someone to focus on the real hard hitting issues

If you’ve got anything to say about the day’s events, please take it away in the comments section.

Image by: Scott Barbour via Getty