Journo Behind Gross Buddy & Jesinta Listicle Makes Wedding All About Her

The Sunday Telegraph columnist who was slammed for a piece she wrote on why Jesinta Campbell should delay her wedding to ‘sick’ Buddy Franklin, has penned another piece, congratulating the couple while kinda sorta making the whole thing about her.
Last year, Annette Sharp wrote a column entitled ‘13 Reasons Jesinta And Buddy Should Postpone Their Summer Wedding‘, which was heavily criticised for unnecessarily intruding into the couple’s private lives and generally being awful. 
Sharp copped a lot of blowback, and while a reasonable person might have just backed away from the whole issue, Sharp has boldly shat the bed a second time, in a column about Buddy and Jesinta’s wedding. 

As we reported yesterday, the pair tied the knot in a super-secret ceremony in New Zealand. This morning, Sharp published a column entitled ‘I wish you both well, I really do‘. It’s really something. 
The writer starts out by establishing the exact temperature to which the nuptials warmed the cockles of her heart, saying:
The wedding news even brought a smile to this opinion columnist’s face and made what some last year called my poisoned heart leap with joy. OK, that’s an exaggeration. My heart didn’t leap so much as warm at the news.

Okay, good to know. She then acknowledged the blowback she received from last year’s column, claiming she was only looking out for them and their best interests, and saying:

While it would be arrogant to imagine my column influenced the couple’s decision to postpone their wedding, they did indeed delay, giving them a chance to evaluate their hopes and dreams for a positive future.

It’s a future they now face legally bound to one another, yet hopefully with greater maturity for having taken an extra year to cool their heels, evaluate Franklin’s health needs and work on his recovery, and without eager supporters with vested interests elevating his anxieties.

Mate, are you sure you’re not taking partial credit for their decision to postpone the wedding? Because it sort of low-key sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing.

She then (somewhat ironically) praised the couple for learning to cherish their privacy:
It would seem, in the end, Mr and Mrs Franklin chose not to sell their wedding to the highest bidder and kept the intimate details of their romantic day private — privacy being something they have learnt to cherish.
Finally, old mate offered congratulations that seemed genuine and not backhanded in any way:

Buddy and Jesinta’s relationship is the idealised celebrity union. Their beauty, fame and popularity make our celebrity economy tick.

As a result, as media, we too are invested in it. We should want their relationship to be a success. I know I do. Congratulations, Buddy and Jesinta.

You can read the whole here should you desire. 

Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Instagram.