Journo Slammed For Listicle On Why “Sick” Buddy Franklin Should Delay Wedding

Daily Telegraph reporter Annette Sharp has entered the thunderdome of twitter’s ire today, after publishing this story in the Daily Telegraph, providing unsolicited advice to engaged couple Buddy Franklin and Jesinta Campbell: 13 Reasons Jesinta And Buddy Should Postpone Their Summer Wedding“.

Before we count [13 Reasons] why this is fucked up: at the most base level, publishing a listicle in a print newspaper, FFS? 

In the piece, Sharp spurts forth reasons why Swans star Buddy Franklin—who recently announced his withdrawal from the AFL Grand Final recently was granted leave due to mental health reasons, meaning he would miss the AFL Grand Final—should postpone his wedding to Jesinta Campbell.

At best, the “reasons” are shockingly naive, unsolicited shock-jock commentary on a relationship where Sharp has no place. 

At worst, it sends a horrifically damaging message to anyone who has ever been affected by mental illness, promotes a problematic discourse on the role of women, and marginalises those suffering from mental illness with one broad, reckless stroke. Sharp writes:
“9: Because Jesinta may still be absorbing the news that mental illness can be hereditary.

10: Because Franklin’s career and earning power is less certain than it was a month ago. With Swans bosses looking closely at Franklin’s nine-year contract — he didn’t reveal his epilepsy to them when he signed which may trigger a contract breach — who’s to say Franklin will still be earning a million dollars in year in three years time? The couple’s wedding is expected to be a lavish and glamorous affair that will cost six figures.

11: Because Jesinta’s appeal and allure will halve when she marries as half the consumer market — men — rapidly lose interest in their dream girl when she is no longer single.”

On Twitter, Sharp maintains that the column was written out of pure concern “4 them”. 

Jesinta Campbell posted an excellent response to the piece on Twitter.

And condemnation of Sharp’s column has flowed:

Even the notorious cess pit that is the Daily Telegraph’s comment section has seen dozens of readers call out Sharp’s comments.

M8, when Daily Telegraph readers aren’t even taking your shit?


 If you or someone else is in an emergency situation, please call 000 immediately. 

To contact the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia call their national helpline on 1800 985 944.

To reach SANE, a national charity helping Aussies affected by mental illness lead a better life, call their helpline on 1800 187 263.

If you or someone else needs support in a crisis situation, call  Lifeline on 13 11 14