Jonah Hill And Leonardo DiCaprio Re-Enacted Scene From ‘Titanic’ And It’s Awesome

In what is becoming probably one of the most ridiculous relationships in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill have acted out a scene from Titanic on Saturday Night Live.

Jonah, who was hosting the show, started his opening monologue by attempting to big-up himself and rag on his The Wolf Of Wall Street co-star. When, cue the screaming girls absolutely losing their shit, DiCaprio busts in and calls him out on it. You can almost smell the pheromones permeating through the computer.

After some fatherly advice, they proceed to act out the scene. Which is actually pretty convincing, considering DiCaprio is now a middle aged man (he’s almost fucking 40) and Jonah Hill is, well, Jonah Hill…