Kit Harington’s Wedding Invites Reportedly Donned Cheeky Jon Snow Stamps

Well, if 100 per cent true then this is just a little bloody cute. Game of Thrones stars, former on-screen couple, and in-real-life couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have reportedly sent out their wedding invites (totally via ravens) with stamps of Jon Snow on them.

I mean, why not?

The original ~ source ~ comes from the Daily Mail before it did the rounds on Time and Vogue so grain of salt needed etc. etc. Interestingly, the source takes the form of a mysterious albeit gossipy friend.

As you know (even if you don’t watch or read GOT) Kit plays Jon Snow and Rose played, before she died, Ygritte. 

The two officially announced their engagement in September 2017 with Kit telling Vogue Italia that he especially had the feels for Rose when filming in beautiful Iceland beneath the Northern Lights. 

“If you’re already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it’s becomes very easy to fall in love…”


The ultimate OTP played opposite each other in seasons two to four of the insanely popular series.

Although, the wedding invites themselves weren’t completely GOT themed. According to the source, the stamps were the only lil’ thing to hint at the actor’s casual daytime gig as the rightful  Prince.

And as for the Jon Snow stamp, it’s apparently the OG corresponding one below.


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In the meantime, please re-live Emilia’s promotional video for it because it’s absolutely amazing.