John Krasinski Sent Nudes To Dwayne Johnson And Ain’t Even Embarrassed

John Krasinski, Dwayne Johnson

The recently-buff John Krasinski and the always-absolutely-enormous Dwayne Johnson legitimately seem like two of the nicest dudes in Hollywood, and it emerged this week that the pair are engaged in some kind of bromance that involves Krasinski sending naked post-workout pics to his bud. It sounds a bit odd, but whatever, sign me up.

The story initially emerged on Ellen, when John Krasinski explained that the two became friends after Johnson did a movie with his wife Emily Blunt. The Quiet Place star then asked if he could work out in his new friend’s traveling gym, The Iron Paradise, a place where few people have ever set foot.

He remembers walking in for the first time to discover “40 pieces of equipment that I’ve never seen in my life”, but over time, he got very comfortable there, and he explained to Ellen:

“I send him pictures as I leave the gym and I was like, ‘Hey, man, thanks for a great workout. Uh, feeling real comfortable, real at home, and didn’t feel like I needed to wear clothes.’ And he loves that. He loves when you get, like, really intimate sweat on all his equipment. And this is a bad place to tell him that I never washed the equipment ever. Never. No, no, that’s his job.”

Johnson later took to Twitter to reveal that he has indeed received some very revealing pics from his mate:

Whatever, my takeaway from all this is that Dwayne Johnson invited John Krasinski into his Iron Paradise and and it was weird and beautiful and now I feel funny all over. Thank you for reading.