Kitchen Daddy Jock Zonfrillo May Have Just Let Slip That Celebrity MasterChef Is Coming

It’s not hyperbole to state that MasterChef: Back to Win was the highlight of an otherwise very crummy year. The revitalised franchise copped an extremely long-overdue shakeup this year, thanks in part to the cast of returning past favourites, but largely due to the show’s new judges. The trio of Andy AllenMelissa Leong, and Jock Zonfrillo were widely praised for the new energy they brought to the franchise. And it seems that we may be set for a whole lot more, if a casual slip-of-the-tongue from Jock is to be believed.

Ahead of the launch of Junior MasterChef, Zonfrillo appeared on the Fifi, Fev and Byron on Fox FM this morning, and may have casually let slip about something in Ten’s future plans.

Bantering with host Byron Cooke about his culinary skills – the station currently runs an Air Friday promotion where every caller who gets put on air is given an air fryer; something which seemingly attacked Jock in his very soul – Jock suggested quite cheekily that “You can apply for the Celebrity Masterchef.

Now, look. All that could just be banter. That could quite literally be just a little fun back-and-forth on a radio show. There could be nothing more to it than that.

But here’s some other things to consider: Ten is about a month away from presenting their annual Upfronts showcase, where their slate of new programming will be revealed. In addition to that, Junior MasterChef has already completed filming in Melbourne. And in addition to that, it’s a just a little bit convenient to have “Celebrity MasterChef” locked and loaded as a joke show title for a throwaway line like that.

Does that mean anything? Does it mean we’re soon gonna be seeing some B-Tier Australian celebrities breaking themselves on a Mystery Box? Is the new gen Purple Wiggle gonna fuck it for everyone in a Team Relay? Is bloody… Sandra Sully gonna shock everyone by whipping out the liquid nitrogen like a seasoned dessert fiend?

All I can say is: It’s a good idea, and I would watch it.

Your move now, Channel Ten.