Jess Power Has Denied Pregnancy Rumours & Claimed A ‘Rude’ Journalist Threatened To Expose Her

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Ex MAFS bride Jessika Power has been forced to deny allegations that she’s pregnant, claiming that a journalist threatened to expose her for not giving them the story.

The Big Brother VIP star, who recently relocated to England, denied she was pregnant in a series of Instagram Stories, as spotted by the So Dramatic! podcast.

“You’ve heard it here first, I’m definitely not pregnant,” she said in a video filmed from bed.

“It’s crazy to me that I even have to do this Story, it’s so annoying.

“I don’t even know to say it like this is so fucking stupid. My boyfriend doesn’t know I am pregnant – First of all, what boyfriend? What pregnancy?”

Power went on to allege that fellow MAFS star Nasser Sultan planted the rumour, which was subsequently picked up by an unnamed journalist who threatened to expose her.

“Do not ever fucking threaten me, don’t come to me or I’ll lose my absolute shit,” she said, adding that the journalist also threatened to share their DMs on social media.

“Do not try to come for me with false claims and allegations!” she insisted.

She added that because the journalist was rude when they asked if the rumours were true, she responded with a fittingly rude response, which is what sparked the alleged threats.

Have a watch of the clip below:

According to a yarn recently published by The Wash, Power announced on Instagram that she’s relocated to Manchester to be with a guy she met on the ‘gram. Apparently they connected eight months ago after her season of MAFS aired in the UK and they’ve been as thick as thieves ever since.

Meanwhile Daily Mail Australia reported that the bloke is a well-known podcaster by the name of Connor Thompson. The British boi is the host of Erasing the Bar podcast and he’s featured Power on multiple eps.

The publication added that Power is quarantining at the soccer player’s Manchester home, despite only just meeting for the first time.

Meanwhile The Wash reported that Power is moving to England because “the ‘reality’ scene is so much bigger over there.”

Power flew over a few weeks back, before doing an Instagram Q&A on Saturday, teasing her appearance on I’m A Celeb UK.