This Pic Of Jessica Simpson’s Severely Swollen Foot Is The Biggest Of Moods

Jessica Simpson

The internet was invented so that we could all look at pictures of weird stuff, so today, let’s all be grateful to sweet angel Jessica Simpson, who shared a picture of her severely swollen foot to Instagram to ask her followers for their advice on what to do.

Simpson, who is currently expecting her third child with husband Eric Johnson, uploaded the pic of her left foot – accessorised with some glittery gold nail polish – along with the caption: “Any remedies? Help!!!!”

Anyway, enough of this preamble stuff, we know you came here to see a weird foot, so here it is:

Swollen feet are a common side effect of pregnancy and are usually no cause for concern, with our old pal Doctor Google explaining that extra fluid in the body and the pressure from an expanding uterus can cause “edema”, or swelling in lower extremities.

Fans of the singer came through and then some, with advice ranging from “coconut oil” to “keep those feet up girl” to the extremely helpful “cut it off.”

Whatever happens, we wish her all the best, and we’ll surely get a kick out of the fact that any unfortunate fetishist who Googles “Jessica Simpson feet” from now on will be met with a picture of this bad boy.