Jennifer Lawrence Got Into An Actual Bar Fight With A Pushy Fan In Budapest

The ever-relateable Jennifer Lawrence is on the publicity trail for her new film Mother, and overnight, she appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to regale the host with an anecdote about the time she got into an actual bar fight in Budapest.

Lawrence, who was extremely hung-over and in a rather delicate state following the premiere of Mother the night before, explained that she was in Hungary shooting the upcoming Red Sparrow when she was approached by a zealous selfie-seeking fan in a bar.

She wasn’t really feeling it and asked him to go away; he persisted, and things escalated fairly drastically, to the point where she was pouring beers over him and being restrained by her friends. It’s probably better if she tells the story:

In the spy thriller Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence plays a Russian ballerina who is drafted into a program to seduce and manipulate enemy operatives, and Joel Edgerton plays a guy who may or may not end up being seduced and manipulated. You can check out the trailer below:

The film, which also stars Jeremy Irons,  Mary-Louise Parker and Charlotte Rampling, is released in Australia on March 1 2018.