Jennifer Garner’s “One Time At Band Camp” Story Is Both Sweet And Gross

If the ’90s teen movie classic American Pie taught us anything – and if I’m honest, it taught me a bunch – it’s that band camp is a time ripe for exploration and self-discovery. During a recent appearance on The Late Late Show With James CordenJennifer Garner revealed that she has her very own “one time at band camp” story, and it’s every bit as charming and explicit as you’d hope for.

Garner explained that way back in the day, “somewhere in the hills of West Virginia“, she was away on a high school music trip when “a ‘one time at band camp’ situation” unfolded. The details involve a young trumpet player (not Jennifer, apparently) administering her first “B to the J”, but with a little confusion ensuing as to the proper technique.

We’ll allow her to tell the rest of the story:

Jennifer Garner’s ex, actor Michael Vartan, was recently asked if he might consider rekindling their relationship now they are both single. The couple met on the set of Alias and dated until 2004, but he sad that while they were “best friends”, he wouldn’t want to date her a second time. “Oh, my God … If it didn’t work once, there’s a reason it didn’t work,” he told Extra

Vartan went on to say that the love of his life is his chocolate labrador, Millie. “I adore her,” he said. So there you have it – you are now armed with that information, so go forth into the rest of you weekend and do with it what you will.