Bless The Internet, Jennifer Garner Just Leaned Into The Meme Of Herself

Well if we weren’t already sure about whether celebrities are watching when we meme them to hell and back; they are.

During yesterday’s Oscars ceremony, Jennifer Garner was spotted applauding away before suddenly stopping like she had realised something. The classic moment we all have where we’re going about our day and suddenly oh god, did I leave my hair straightener on????

You better believe the moment got meme’d. The internet had a god damned field day.

Or my personal favourite:

What wasn’t expected, however, was that Garner would bloody meme HERSELF. She posted on her Instagram story today with her own take on what the hell she was thinking and don’t you dare tell me this bitch doesn’t have an amazing sense of humour.

A meme is only promoted to a memorable tier in my mind when the person that’s being teased has fun with it too. And in this case, Jennifer Garner taking the piss out of herself (and Lena Dunham and Jimmy Kimmel by extension) is by all means, the best.