What Did Jennifer Garner Realise Mid-Way Through The Oscars Yesterday?

During yesterday’s 90th Academy Awards, renowned actress Jennifer Garner came to some kind of experience-shattering realisation.


What did she remember, that caused her to stop clapping? Who knows? Maybe she realised she left the stove on. Maybe she recognised the person on stage from that episode of Law & Order some 15 years ago. Maybe she finally figured out that if you ask the guard in the dungeon to ask their brother which door leads to freedom, you’ll find your way out every time.

Then again:


That was just a personal favourite. Twitter of course had one million ideas about what she realised, more than a few of which referenced 2004 comedy Suddenly 30. (Isn’t is nice when you realise this dumb movie you really liked was also beloved by total strangers on the internet?)



If somebody at Variety or Vanity Fair isn’t putting these questions directly to her agent, then the entire journalism industry deserves to go down the toilet. The world needs answers.