Bach’s Jed And Alesia Confirmed Their Fate On The Radio & I’m More Confused Than I Was Before

Jed and Alesia still together the bachelors

The BachelorsJed and Alesia have confirmed they’re still together… kind of… well, maybe… not in those terms, but something is trucking along, yeah. If that’s left you confused, I don’t fkn blame ya.

Jed and Alesia appeared on Hughesy, Ed and Erin this morning to discuss their non-proposal during last night’s season finale and if they’re still a couple.

“We’re in a good place, we’re happy, it’s been quite a long time since we finished [The Bachelors],” Jed said. FYI, it’s been around six months.

He then addressed the elephant in the room: that Alesia made it very clear she wasn’t ready for a proposal after just weeks of dating (extremely normal of her honestly) but Jed gave her one anyway. With a promise ring at least, but still.

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“Look, I’m gonna be completely honest,” Jed said. (I love how that rhymes.)

“I wanted Alesia to have the ring no matter what, but I had to sort of ask that, to filter in to, ‘Okay babe, you know what? Let’s just, you know, keep this as a promise ring or something’. But I thought, you know, while I’m here, let me get on the knee. And look it worked out, she’s got the ring and we’re all happy now, it’s all good.”

Okay, but does “all happy now” mean the two are an item? 2Day FM host Erin Molan noted Alesia was wearing the ring — but not on her left ring finger where engagement rings usually go. She took that as a cue and asked if the two were officially a couple.

“We are, at the moment, just taking things day by day and seeing how we are in the real world,” Jed said after an awkward pause.

Alesia then dropped the bombshell that in the six months since she accepted Jed’s promise ring, the two have only met up once???? Sorry, WHAT?

“It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other,” she explained.

“We only had one rendezvous straight after the show finished and we haven’t seen each other since.

“But we’ve spoken every day, like all day every day.

“It’s just — with his schedule, and I was travelling, it’s just too hard. So this is literally like the second time [we’re seeing each other since the show].”

Honestly, this sounds pretty fkn suss to me. Surely at some point in six months the two could have met up if they really were interested in dating each other?

Dave “Hughesy” Hughes had a more charitable position and said they obviously didn’t meet up to avoid breaking their contract rules by being spotted in public together. But then Erin, who I reckon can sniff out a PR relationship, pointed out reports that Jed was seeing in public “acting single”.

“We’re starting from scratch and seeing each other, I mean I’m not seeing anyone else. I don’t think he’s seeing anyone else,” Alesia clarified on their relationship status. If you can call this clarification.

Jed took the cue and jumped in with a “no” confirming the two are exclusively dating, or “seeing each other” rather since they both refuse to actually use the D-word.

“It’s our decision too, we’re not pressured by anything,” he insisted in the interview, even though no one suggested otherwise.

“Because for us, we do care about each other and we are further than having a label just for the show’s sake. We’ve decided that, you know, we actually do just want to go for a coffee in the normal world.

“We’ve done a lot of hard work to get to even this position where we are now.”

I’m sorry, and perhaps this isn’t a fair take on my part, but if it takes heaps of work to get to the point where you can get a coffee together — after six months of dating and a whole reality show together — that’s not really a good sign is it?

If all of that wasn’t already giving us enough mixed signals, Alesia then confirmed she has actually “kissed a few people” that aren’t Jed in the past six months, which he is fine with. In fact, he said he was impressed that they had even gotten this far. Which is totally normal and fine except for the fact she just told us a minute ago that the two are only seeing each other. What is happening?? Why are there so many conflicting comments in this interview??

It’s after this that Alesia revealed she and Jed decided to “be together” and “make this official” after the show, but then undisclosed “things” happened which led them to “take a step back” until they’ve “actually had an opportunity to be together properly”.

Honestly, it sounds to me like the two are dragging out a relationship neither of them are passionate for. I *wonder* why?