Jason Derulo (And *That* Bulge) Just Joined In On The ‘Wipe It Down’ TikTok Challenge

jason derulo tiktok

Our lord and saviour Jason Derulo has joined in on TikTok’s Wipe It Down challenge to a whole new level and look, maybe *that* Cats photo wasn’t photoshopped after all.

If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge, you basically have to spray some Windex on your bathroom mirror, then “wipe it down” to reveal a new look. Thousands of people have gotten in on the action, but nothing really compares to Jason Derulo in an NSFW Spiderman costume.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Derulo captioned the video when he shared it on Twitter.

The video has quickly amassed nearly 3 million views, with more than 2,000 replies, most of which pointing out the fact that Derulo’s Spidey-suit doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination.

Jason was quickly crowned the unofficial “King of DikTok,” which really says it all.


In case you missed it, Derulo made headlines last November for a viral bulge pic that we all assumed was photoshopped. I mean, it was… aggressive. But according to an interview with TMZ, Jason reckons it’s 100% real and it’s all genetics, baby.

“Photoshop? Photoshop? Don’t make me [show you], eh… there’s not enough women in this area,” he said when asked if he’d photoshopped the picture.

“Just know that us Haitians, we look different.”

After our first glance of his manhood, he then claimed that his big, giant peen was edited out of Cats. Honestly, I don’t blame them for not wanting a big ol’ bulge in the film.

It is safe to say it has been a wild couple of months for Jason’s junk, but it appears he’s finally embracing his bulge and letting it all out on display in a not-at-all discrete Spidey-suit.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. LOVE. THAT. FOR. HIM.

Get it, Jason.