Jason Derulo Allegedly Punched On With Two Guys After One Of Them Called Him Usher

Jason derulo in a red suit.

Jason Derulo has apparently thrown hands with two random guys after one of them called him Usher, which is probably the funniest insult to ever get your ass beat over.

According to footage obtained by TMZ, Derulo was coming off an escalator at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas when a man yelled in his direction: “Hey Usher! Fuck you bitch!”.

Apparently the insult was not one Derulo could simply brush off, as TMZ reported he allegedly dived towards the troll and punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Look, the man doesn’t preface every single one of his songs with that iconic ~JAsOn DerUlo~ bit for y’all to mistake his identity, okay??

Just imagine Jason Derulo being like, “hmm, whatcha say??!” as he lands a punch. Now that’s some ‘Savage Love’.

TMZ’s report of the punch-on also alleges Jason Derulo slapped the second man across the face as bystanders shouted, before security intervened to break up the fight and law enforcement was called.

Derulo was served a no trespassing notice for the Aria before being taken away in handcuffs by local police, according to Page Six. He has since been released from police custody.

TMZ reported that the two victims have decided not to press charges, though Nevada’s laws mean they have a year in which they can change their mind.

Page Six has reached out to Jason Derulo for comment, though he hasn’t publicly spoken about the incident.