Hundreds Of TikTokers Are Coming Out For The First Time By Lip-Syncing A Jason Derulo Lyric

Hundreds of teens are coming out to their loved ones on TikTok via a Jason Derulo lyric.

TikTokers have been filming themselves lip-syncing to a “Get Ugly” lyric – “oh my, oh my, oh my god, this girl straight and this girl not” – next to their friends and family members, and subsequently pointing to themselves during the ‘not straight’ part in order to film the other person’s candid reaction.

TikTok user @carleyyyanne first kicked off the trend back in November last year, with a coming out video that subsequently amassed over 19 million views and 3 million likes.

@carleyyyannecoming out to my sister????️‍????. she was so supportive ???? @hallielane ##NotSoOrdinary ##sowholesome ##comingout ##fyp ##gay ##foryou ##viral♬ original sound – amyhaywardofficial

There have been a few iterations of this coming out video since then, with users capitalising on the momentum of other users coming out to the sound bite. All of them are equally heart-warming, like this video from @TyshonLawrence, whose mother simply responded ‘I already knew’.

@tyshonlawrenceI just came out to my mom and this happened. @littlemamalittle♬ original sound – amyhaywardofficial

Here are some other cute ones for your blessed Friday viewing.

@wot.dennisshe really just came out to me on a tiktok @shediamond♬ original sound – amyhaywardofficial

@nadinefortinnthis is how I told my mom.. don’t let it flop ##foryoupage♬ original sound – amyhaywardofficial

It’s worth noting that the original intent behind the song is rather problematic (the whole “ooOOOH this girl isn’t straight” narrative by Jason arguably buys into the sexualisation of lesbianism for the male gaze). That being said, it’s nice to see TikTokers hijacking the lyrics for a more wholesome, uplifting context.