Eagle-Eyed Fans Caught Jamie Lynn Spears’ Husband Having A Cheeky Lurk Of Britney’s Instagram

jamie lynn spears britney spears instagram

Friends, the fuckery of one Jamie Lynn Spears seems to know no end. Things between her and her sister Britney Spears have been fkn weird for years, but now the whole feud between the two is just getting so confusingly messy.

In a recent Instagram post, Jamie’s husband, whose name is also Jamie (Watson), has been caught out having a cheeky peek at a Britney Spears Instagram post.

It’s just a regular pic from a regular vacation, but if you zoom onto Jamie’s phone you’ll see a bunch of words. Three lines to be exact. I wonder what on Earth it could be.

Jamie Lynn Spears Britney Spears
Call it a Spears obsession, I guess? (Pic: @jamielynnspears)

In no time at all, Britney Spears fans noticed that the pic Jamie Watson is looking at is actually one from Britney’s Instagram a couple of days ago.

It’s a picture of a poem called Kindness, and it reads like a Rupi Kaur extract.

“Do you know what really turns me on? What I find incredibly sexy? Kindness,” reads the poem in the Britney post.

britney spears kindness
Deep. (Pic: @britneyspears)

I have many questions about this hilarious little blunder here. First of all, why the hell is Jamie Watson zooming in on this poetic passage?

Is he looking for subliminal shady clues towards his wife?

Perhaps, and this one is likely, he’s utterly fkn obsessed with everything Britney does at the moment, because he knows just as well as anyone that his wife, Jamie Lynn Spears, has been inactive, passive and unsupportive of Britney during her conservatorship struggles.

I mean, if your sister-in-law told your wife to “kiss my ass, eat shit and step on legos”, I guess you’d be a little bit curious as to what she is going to post next, right?

The third option here is that Jamie Watson just really finds kindness sexy, and so wanted to have a cheeky zoom-in.

All I know is that the timing of him stalking Britney’s Insta while his wife is trying to take a nice photo on vacation is sending me to another planet.

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