Jamie Hince Pens Kate Moss Play

Just in-case there wasn’t already enough drama in the colorful life of Kate Moss, it’s all going to be re-hashed (hash, LOLZ), in the form of a stage play, to be financed by Topshop mogul Sir Phillip Green. Details of Moss’s slimy experiences and those of her Primrose Hill Set will surely make for some interesting viewing. Not since Nicole Kidman got naked and showed off her moon-tan in The Blue Room, has theatre been this potentially exciting/horrifying.

The genius mind responsible for penning the play is none other, than Moss’s leading man, Jamie Hince. Apparently he’s “addicted” to playwriting and has already begun writing scenes. No doubt the play is going to be edgy, and perhaps even get some of her friends in a little trouble. The controversy will however be short-lived. The accused will all be forgiven, even praised, and then of course, offered advertising campaigns. That’s how the fashion industry works, right?

I’ve personally been having a merry old time coming up with ideas for what I think the play should be called. Here’s a few suggestions. Jamie Hince, please have a pen ready.
1. A Midsummer Night’s Coke Bender
2. The Importance of Being Emaciated
3. Much Ado About Kate (corny and predictable, yes)
4. As You Snort It.
And finally, my personal favorite, Waiting for Doherty.

No but really, I love you Kate; seeing your life on the stage will be the best thing since sliced bread, something I know you haven’t ever tried, but I assure you, it’s gooooood.

Via The Guardian

Title Image by Carl Court via Getty