James Franco’s Grandma Endorses “Spring Breakers”

Harmony Korine’s nihilistic, druggy, sex-fueled, bikini heist actioner has a pretty clear target demographic, and while James Franco’s grandma may be the wrong gender and about 50-60 years north of the typical Spring Breakers audience, that hasn’t stopped her getting behind her enigmatic grandson’s latest film. The perennially odd actor’s choice to enlist his nanna to do publicity for his latest movie should come off like a cheap and tacky stunt, but considering the film is celebration of cheap tackiness, it’s actually kinda awesome.

The Skrillex scored tale of girls gone wild (gone even wilder), sees Franco going all method as a white trash dealer/rapper, earning praise from rapper and current subject of an outstanding arrest warrant, co-star Gucci Mane, for his embodiment of street culture. Franco’s performance has even sparked some ridiculously early and probably way off the mark Oscar buzz. The Academy goes YOLO? I’d like to see that.

Spring Breakers has yet to be given an Australian release date which is a travesty given Nanna Franco’s appraisal of the film. 

via Spring Breakers FB, Huffington Post