James Franco Writes A Gushing Review Of James Franco In Spring Breakers

In a bout of nostalgia that draws off spraaang braaaake; spraaang braake forever bitches, dude who we don’t bother giving a title anymore because none quite fit his copious, proverbial fingers stuck in polarising, proverbial pies James Franco has taken to a job (that, in hindsight, is surprising he didn’t come to earlier) of rating our Photography Awards judge Harmony Korine‘s neon-surfeit Gen Y signpost of the excessive times Spring Breakers—and his iconic performance within it—in a gushing review on Vice.

Naturally, anything James Franco ever does ought to be taken with a grain of Meta-irony; however his review of Spring Breakers, in its stream-of-conciousness, biased, expertly articulated ranting that describes the undulating vicissitudes of the culture the film takes careful aim at is surprisingly convincing; it makes sense.

The greatest highlights of Franco’s vanity for the sake of being Franco art are as follows; read the entire review, complete with a haunting Aphex Twin style cover photo here. 

– “There will never be a movie or a character that is more important for this age than Spring Breakers and its protagonist Alien.

– (Werner Herzog’s apparent impressions of Franco’s performance and Spring Breakers) “My performance in the film made De Niro in Taxi Driver look like a kindergartener, and that the film was the most important film of the decade”

– “Alien is a gangster mystic. A clown, a killer, a lover: the spirit of the age.

– “He’s the guru of the age. He’s what you would get if you got every damn material thing you ever wanted and then relished in the realization that you don’t have a use for any of it.

– On Spring Breakers embodying the social media-clogged culture of its times: “This is reality; this is Instagram.”

Basically, this.