John Waters Leads His Top 10 Films Of 2013 With ‘Spring Breakers’

Pope Of Trash legend, man of exceptionally sound advice and holy auteur soon to be gracing our very shores John Waters has listed his top 10 films of 2013. Unlike Quentin Tarantino’s list of oscar bait and the usual suspects of 2013, John Waters’ list naturally brims with the kind of hidden gems that you will naturally seek out and adore unconditionally because John Waters, the pencil-drawn moustached hero that he is, told you that these films are worthy of your eyeballs’ time.

Leading the list is Spring Breakers, an ecstatic, halycon headspin that, upon viewing, will most definitely etch James Franco’s whispers of “Sprang Braaaake” as an ear worm for the days to follow. The film was helmed by lo-fi experimental hero Harmony Korine who brought us Trash Humpers and Gummo; Korine will also be lending fine-tuned and respected opinion in the judging of our 2013 Pedestrian.TV Photography Awards presented by Lumix G7.

Trailing in the stakes are four foreign language films, two exceptional documentaries – the harrowing Black Fish and the eye-opening exploration into the four doctors in the US who openly practice late-term abortions, After Tiller – one biopic and, for reasons that are surely influenced by Cate Blanchett’s utter effervescence, Blue Jasmine. 

John Waters’ Top 10 Films of 2013:

1. Spring Breakers
2. Camile Claudel 1915
3. Abuse Of Weakness
4. Hors Satan
5. After Tiller
6. Hannah Arendt
7. Beyond The Hills
8. Blue Jasmine
9. Blackfish
10. I’m So Excited

And while none of these – arguably – are fucked up films, allow me to present a gif I so often yearn to break out, but which is only vaguely permissible in this specific setting.

Via Indiewire.