Jack Whitehall’s Dad Publicly Roasted His Dick Size (And Goon Sacks) On The Sunday Project

British standup comedian Jack Whitehall came to Australia for the latest season of Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, in which the two try goon, drag, and killing spiders. But during an interview on The Sunday Project, Jack’s dad didn’t miss a chance to do what he does best: talk shit about his son’s dong.

Early on during their chat, host Tommy Little brought up the nude yoga Jack did in a previous season while his dad watched on.

“For what is a family show for you guys, were you surprised at the amount of times your father brings up the size of your manhood?” Little asked.

“Yes – I was, I am, I remain surprised,” Jack said.

“It’s become his favourite recurring joke and there is no environment, there is no audience that he will not try and talk about in front of.

“He’s doing me a great disservice and it’s all lies and fabrications, and him just having a dig.”

His dad simply replied that he’s just being honest, in his trademark deadpan tone. It was rough to watch.

Little then brought up the fact that among all the Aussie delicacies and traditions they both took part in, Jack’s dad still wouldn’t drink goon.

“I’m very interested in wine, I’m a bit of a wine snob, and it’s quite a call for me to actually drink Australian wine,” he whined (pun very much intended).

“But given that I’m prepared to go that far, why would I ever drink it out of a ‘goon bag’? Absolutely gross, I don’t know.”

The father and son duo also took part in a drag show at Sydney’s ARQ nightclub, in which Jack’s dad dressed up as Queen Elizabeth II.

“They were very sweet, the drag boys, I really liked them,” his dad said.

“They were funny, they were amusing, they were kind, and we had a great time there.”

Just before the interview, Jack Whitehall himself has also shared a bunch of outtakes from the season, including the time he freaked out over a spider in his hotel room.

The Aussie season of Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (presumably with plenty more comments about Jack’s schlong) is available on Netflix now.