J. Lo To Produce ‘Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?’ Flick

This just in; Jennifer Lopez ruins video games for everyone.

The recently-single Latin bombshell has signed on to produce an upcoming film adaptation of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Kids of the ’90s may remember Carmen Sandiego as the inexplicably attractive and suave thief who got to cruise the world searching for stuff while dressed in her industry standard red trench coat. Kids of the ’00s may remember Carmen Sandiego as Tomb Raider without the fake boobs.

The game was so popular that it produced a spin-off animated TV series a decade ago. A film was already slated once, with Sandra Bullock in the lead, but it never got off the ground. Though Lopez is only officially in the production deck chair for now, chances are she’ll move to playing the lead role in the film as well, which means unless it’s produced by the guys who did Out Of Sight, (when she actually kicked ass) it will suck.

On the plus side, the real Carmen Sandiego is already long gone. She’s so sneaky like that.

via Deadline.