Fire Up Your Old PC, Because A New ‘Carmen Sandiego’ Is Coming To Netflix

Wonderful news for all the people out there who like their animated series with a healthy dose of geography and civics education: beloved thief and globetrotter Carmen Sandiego is getting her own Netflix series. At this point, the entire mission statement of producers today is to trap people in a downwards vortex of nostalgia until we die.

Netflix announced the production with a lovely teaser pic:
Of course, the only Carmen Sandiego image I’m personally interested in looks a little bit more like this:
Oooh hell yeah baby. Edutainment. That’s the shit I want. The new animated series will feature Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez as the lead, with Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard as ‘The Player’ – who in the original series was supposed to be a person playing the Carmen Sandiego computer games the series took place in. Presumably he will not be that in this series, because that is very 90s.
It’s expected this one will hit the streaming service in 2019.
Photo: Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?