‘IT: Chapter Two’ Adds Two More Clown-Bashing Adults To The Loser Club

While most of us spent the better part of late 2017 having the living bejeezus scared out of us by the grisly and wildly very good film adaptation of It, those behind it were already preparing to gather a sequel together, focusing on the latter half of the source material.

If you’re not already aware, the first It was based on the opening portion of the Stephen King novel upon which it was based. In the second half of the book, the story flashes forward some 30 years and tracks the kids of the Losers Club all grow’d up, with those remaining returning to the town of Derry, Maine to take down Pennywise once and for all.

We already know that one of the adults attached to It: Chapter Two is Jessica Chastain, a stroke of genius casting that’ll see her play the adult version of Beverley. And while we know that Bill Hader and James McAvoy are at least in talks to join the flick, two more of the adult Losers Club members have been confirmed.

Firstly, James Ransone is now reportedly on board to play Eddie Kasprak. Those of you with IMDBs for brains will recognise Ransone as The Deputy in the supremely spooky flick Sinister and, more significantly, as the eternal pain in the ass that was Ziggy Sobotka in season two of The Wire.

Crucially, Ransone’s resemblance to kid actor Jack Dylan Grazer is fairly spot on, making it a pretty inspired piece of casting.

Similarly, the role of adult Stanley Uris is reportedly going to Andy Bean, who previously filled a main cast role in the recent HBO series Here and Now.

Like Ransone, Bean’s casting is fairly spot-on to his teeny little counterpart, at least as far as looks are concerned.

For what it’s worth, Variety reports that both Hader and McAvoy are also confirmed for the flick, with the pair filling the roles of Richie and Bill, respectively. Though more official confirmation of the roles is yet to be released.

It: Chapter Two is set to hit theatres on September 6, 2019, which should give you enough time to recover from the aggressive dack-shatting the first flick caused.