Jay Ryan Joins The Losers’ Club As Adult Ben Hanscom In ‘It: Chapter Two’

Here’s another reason to unfortunately drag yourself to It: Chapter Two – Kiwi actor Jay Ryan has been cast as the adult version of Ben Hanscom. 

If that name or face rings a local bell then just think Jack Scully from Neighbours, or the hot-mess-doctor-in-training off Offspring, or the dude from Sea Patrol way back in the day on Channel Nine. 

Deadline broke the news overnight, reporting Ryan is set to play the smartest member of The Losers’ Club.

Jeremy Ray Taylor took on the younger role in the first film.

Ryan confirmed the news via his twitter:


If you’ve yet to shit yourself watching It, which came out last year, then here’s the lowdown of the… lovely film.

It: Chapter Two is based on the second half of the novel by Stephen King. In the first half, we learn about The Losers’ Club – a group of misfits and bullied kids in Derry, Maine 1958. Hearing the stories of the numerous and unsolved cases of missing children across Derry, the kids investigate the disappearances and come face to face with the terrifying entity who preys on children every 27 years.

Just think Pennywise the Dancing Clown with rows and rows of teeth and you’ve got the gist.

In the second half of the novel, the story skips ahead to 27 years later where the kids of The Losers’ Club have all grown up and moved far, far away. Although, as you’ll find out – they all return to Derry to finally end the reign of Pennywise’s terror on their town.

It: Chapter Two is already boasting one helluva cast including Jessica Chastain as an adult Beverly Marsh. 

James McAvoy and Bill Hader are also reportedly set to play Bill Denbrough and Richie Tozier, respectively. James Ransone is also penned to play Eddie Kaspbrak and Andy Bean will step into the role of an adult Stanley Uris. 

Bill Skarsgård will return as ol’ mate Pennywise the clown.

It: Chapter Two is expected to land in cinemas September 6, 2019.