James McAvoy & Bill Hader Are Reportedly Lined Up For The ‘It’ Sequel

Considering the fact that It: Chapter One made an absolutely bonkers amount of money at the box office, it’s unsurprisingly that the planned sequel has some serious star power lined up. Jessica Chastain is already confirmed for It: Chapter Two, and Variety reports that James McAvoy and Bill Hader are currently “in talks” to join in as well.

According to Variety’s sources, Hader is set to play Richie Tozier – played by Finn Wolfhard in the first film – and McAvoy is in talks to play the lead, Bill Denbrough, who was played by Jaeden Lieberher. Going off looks alone, it’d be solid casting on both counts.

Director Andy Muschietti is set to return to direct Chapter Two, and Bill Skarsgard will almost certainly be playing Pennywise the clown again.

The first It film made a smidge over $700 million on a budget of $35 million. Even in the shady and opaque world of Hollywood accounting, that is a seriously profitable film. Made heaps of cash and also made you crap your dacks. Truly a perfect combo.

Reports indicate the film is still quite early in pre-production – duh, considering the fact they’re still in casting – but it’s expected to move into production quite soon. The film will release on September 6, 2019.