iPad 3 Launch Date Released

If God had installed Angry Birds on the 10 commandments, maybe he’d have tablets that could compete with the iPad. But alas, as Apple prepares for the March 7th reveal of its latest wonder tablet, it seems that not even divine intervention could slow down this technological juggernaut.

Yesterday, key media personnel, bloggers and insiders were issued with a cryptic invite for the launch; it featured the bottom section of the iPad with the message “We have something you’ll really have to see. And touch”. But even that tiny morsel is enough to discern a couple of key changes.

Firstly, the home key is absent and no, based on the icon spacing, they’re not simply holding it in the portrait position. Secondly, the detail and sharpness of the icons suggests that the latest iPad will have a retina display screen.

So what else might we expect from the latest tablet? Techsperts have already predicted that along with increased screen resolution there will also be improved battery life and a better processor. Whether or not it will take advantage of the blisteringly fast 4G network is still open to debate, but it seems likely.

What’s not going to change? The expense. Hopefully you still have a kidney left to hawk, because you’re going to need it. Conversely (if performance efficiency isn’t a priority) you could just wait a few weeks and buy a heavily discounted iPad 2.