Another day, another Apple product launch. Echoing the launch of the iPhone 5 last month, the latest iProducts welcomed into the world today seemed to lack the ground-breaking innovation Apple have been celebrated for in the past. Although life-altering apps like mind reading functions aren’t available just yet, there have been some aesthetically appealing tweaks made during the conception of the iPad Mini and new iMac worth noting.

This latest Apple generation sees massive wins for those dislike the fuller-figured device. The innovation is all in the name when it comes to the iPad “mini”, despite Marketing chief Phil Schiller‘s insistence that it’s not just a shrunken down iPad.

Launched to take on smaller gadgets by Amazon and Google, the device is half the weight of it’s older sibling and sports a price tag of $369, double that of any of its competitors. The device is allegedly an ‘entirely new design’, however, exactly what this means remains a mystery. Orders start this Friday, so, like any good Apple product, expect it to sell out in record time.

The iMac has also had a facelift, looking undeniably sleek and super sexy. With edge to edge glass and a tiny waist width of only 5mm, this baby is like the fembot of the computer world. In an obvious design ploy aimed at directing the market to wholly embrace Apple/iTunes content, the new iMac is void of a disk drive which is kind of annoying if you’re anything like little-old-dark-ages me who still uses CDs and DVDs. The 21.5 inch model will be available next month for $1429, and the 27 inch iMac can be yours in December if you’re willing to spend a cool $1999 on this sexy machine.

The new MacBook Pro with retina display was also previewed today, along with the 4th generation iPad (despite the 3rd gen first gracing our fingertips only six months ago).

Words By Nikki Brogan