The Internet Is Rinsing Actor James Woods Over One Incredibly Strange Tweet

Actor James Woods, who you might know best for appearing as a character on The Simpsons, just so happens to also be a massive conservative who spends a lot of time on Twitter battling against ‘liberals’, and decrying things like reproductive rights, and being transphobic. He’s a real bloody charmer, with obviously not enough hobbies to waste his time on.

But happily, his latest effort has sparked Twitter into doing what Twitter does best, which is joining forces to make fun of someone terrible. Wonderful. This time the target was a very bad tweet from Woods.

The tweet, which features the famous Marine Corps War Memorial, is likely referring to an incident that recently occurred in North Carolina, where anti-racist protesters pulled down a Confederate statue. Unfortunately it’s an incredibly stupid reference, because there is a massive difference between pulling down a statue dedicated to people who fought against their own country in order to continue slavery, and a statue dedicated to soldiers who have fought for America. Especially in this current climate, where you know, Nazis seem to be running free and wild.

Thankfully the response did not stop there, as people began mercilessly sharing their own version of the Woods’ clanger, and the memorials they want to see before the #liberals get to them and tear them down with their bare hands.

Woods you like some lotion for these burns?