Internet Certain Orlando Bloom Has A Third Legolas After Nakey Pics Emerge

Orlando Bloom – actor, elf, pirate and Miranda Kerr baby daddy – is currently on vacation in Italy with his beloved Katy Perry.

He is naked.

More specifically, he is paddleboarding while naked.

Yes, the year is 2016 and the still-famous Orlando Bloom stripped off on a Sardinian beach to paddleboard in the starkers, letting his trouser snake fly free () while his lady love ponders her fate before him.

In the series of entirely censored photos published on NY Daily News, Orlando and Katy are seen frolicking at the beach with a number of other people. They kiss, they snorkel, they sunscreen, and then Orlando gets a cheeky look in his eye. “Really?” he seems to say to Katy. “You reckon I should just do it?”

He does it.

And while the entire photo story is censored with black bars, the thirsty internet has discovered what appears to be evidence of Orlando’s monster cock.

The exactness of the size is, of course, up for debate. The shadow could be enlarged thanks to a trick-of-the-light, or it could very well be legit. All THIS writer knows is that she’s available whenever the people who hand out the Walkleys are.

Source: NT Daily News.

Photo: The Lord of the Rings.