Sometimes it’s nice to find out that celebrities are just like us — they have their shortcomings and faults too. They likely stub their toes, drop their phones, and have silly little habits like everyone else. This, however, is not a nice discovery. It’s about Orlando Bloom and the one thing he does that shits Katy Perry up the wall. Orlando Bloom leaves his dental floss around the house like a damn slob.

Katy divulged the desgoostang trait of her frankly gorgeous husband in a recent interview with UK radio station Heart, and it’s left me gagging in the bad way.

Sir, just because you are quite possibly one of the hottest men on the face of the earth doesn’t give you a pass to leave your stanky-ass used floss around the house. Yucky! Don’t do that! Put it in the bin, you feral child.

Heart‘s breakfast hosts Jamie Theakson and Amanda Holden (who looks shockingly like a British Sonia Kruger, by the way) quizzed Katy about Orlando’s worst habit, which turned out to be so much worse than I could have imagined.

“Oh my god,” Katy said.

“He loves to floss. Which, thank God because some partners don’t and it’s disgusting. And he has brilliant teeth.

“He leaves the floss everywhere. On the side of my bed and in the car and on the kitchen table. I’m like, there are bins everywhere!”

Orlando. My dude. My pal. My guy. What the fuck are you doing? What possesses you to fish all the gunk out of your teeth with floss and just leave that shit lying around? I don’t know about you but whenever I floss the foodstuff that comes out does not smell good, so why would you just let those foul strings just stink up your beautiful home like that?

After hearing about the handsome man’s yucko habit, Jamie told Katy she needs to “train him”, but Katy swears she’s done her best with him. Look, you can lead a man to a bin but you can’t make him put his manky used dental floss in there, I guess.

Love you Orlando Bloom, you beautiful hunk, but this floss habit is just straight up grot.

Image: Getty Images / Amy Sussman