Insight Vs. Rockstar

Don’t kid yourself, videogames are the new Hollywood. Judging by the demand for titles like Rockstar’s recently launched Grand Theft Auto IV (the biggest entertainment launch in history), the heat saucing around games – and more specifically Rockstar Games – is spicing the rice. They sell upwards of 16 million copies per release and their reputation for producing the coolest games on the market is unsurpassed (think Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or The Warriors). So when they approached Insight to partner on Midnight Club Los Angeles (MCLA) threw down some serious art.

On MCLA, Insight’s resident artists, Steve Gorrow, Jay Quirk and Fraser Anderson , were invited to create murals which were placed †in-game’. These large-scale images are placed throughout the game, from downtown Hollywood across to Santa Monica, as a means to recreate LA’s thriving street art scene and to heighten the real world atmosphere Rockstar are famous for creating.

To celebrate this digital partnership, Insight and Rockstar Games have collaborated on a limited edition T-shirt featuring artwork from the game, with only 250 of these tees available worldwide.