RIDE ON: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is Free On PC Until May 21 On The Epic Games Store

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is among some of the most popular games of all time. In fact, Grand Theft Auto V is listed as the second best-selling video game of all time, with over 120 million copies shipped, behind Minecraft‘s 180 million. In other words, it’s an incredibly good game and still popular even seven years after its initial release in 2013.

If you’re yet to experience the wonders of digital carjacking, firstly, you’ve been missing out, and secondly, you now have absolutely no excuse because the Epic Games Store is giving Grand Theft Auto V away for free on PC until May 21. Zero dollars for one of the best video games ever created is a very good deal, folks. If you download it now, it’s yours to keep forever. 

Developed by the legendary Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V is a third-person action-adventure game that centres around three characters, Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton, all of whom you can control at different points. Together, the three characters will plan, set up and carry out some of the most elaborate heists ever, all with you at the helm.

While the main story campaign is an action-packed masterpiece, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Wanna go for a simple joyride around the city in a nice Porsche? Go ahead. Wanna bust into a military base and steal a fighter jet? Sure. Wanna relax with a game of bowling/tennis/golf? Be my guest. There is so much to do in Grand Theft Auto V it’s practically impossible to get bored.

And then there’s GTA Online, the multiplayer component packed with even more heists and things to do by yourself or with your mates. The latter is highly encouraged here, my pals and I still jump in for a game of GTA from time to time.

Upon release, Grand Theft Auto V received critical acclaim across the board, with an aggregated Metacritic score of 97/100. There’s also something to be said for good the game still looks after all this time, and if you’re into making it look even better, there are plenty of graphics packs that can kick the visuals up another notch. To be honest, it still looks incredible on a base level as you’ll see in the trailer.

If you’re keen to catch up on years of stealing digital cars and wreaking havoc in a huge open world, be sure to jump into the Epic Games Store and claim your copy of Grand Theft Auto V before May 21. It’s free on PC and once it’s in your library, it’s yours to keep forever.

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