HYPE LEVEL ELEVEN: Millie Bobby Brown’s Coming To Aus Supanova 2017

If you’re not crapping-yourself levels of excited about Stranger Things season 2, a) are you even human, and b) this yarn is not for you.

EVERYONE ELSE, HELLO! Wonderful news! Millie Bobby Brown, who shot to stardom as vulnerable telekinetic superkid Eleven in the first season of Stranger Things, is coming down under.

She’ll be appearing at the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming convention in Brisbane and Adelaide, which means all you cool kids with the shaved heads will be able to get the profile pic to end all profile pics (though it looks like Eleven’s let her ‘do grow out a bit and frankly it’s unfair how good she looks with literally any hairstyle).

Since stealing everyone’s hearts as the pink dress-wearing, sinister white van-throwing mystery girl, the British actor has gone on to model for Calvin Klein, be interviewed by Maisie Williams for Converse, and basically kill it at everything she does.


Supanova’s set to kick off just after the new Stranger Things drops on Netflix, so set aside a couple days to binge, freak out and get your shit together before pulling on your best Barb outfit and heading along to see Eleven in person.

She’ll be doing a general admission Q&A and a bunch of signing sessions on the Saturday in both Brisbane and Adelaide. God, someone please get her to sign a blonde wig.