WATCH: Millie Bobby Brown, The Coolest, Raps A ‘Stranger Things’ S1 Recap

Always remember that it’s ok to not get caught up in hysteria. Sometimes, pop culture moments pass you by. Maybe you’re just not keen to get punch a ticket on the hype train. Maybe you’ve been burnt before by over-sold expectations. Maybe you just had a bit too much else on at the time. My point here being, even though the second season is currently bending brains on Netflix, it’s perfectly ok – totally fine, in fact – if you still haven’t seen Stranger Things season one yet.

Nothing wrong with it at all!

But if you’re feeling a little bit curious and left out now that season two is finally here, there’s another way to get caught up on the events of season one without feverishly trying to smash your way through the episodes in world record time.

Millie Bobby Brown, who just 13-years-old is already infinitely cooler than you or I could ever hope of being, stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as part of the cast’s on-going media appearances.

Last time the young Eleven was on the show she showcased her surprisingly good lyrical skills by almost flawlessly rapping out Nicki Minaj‘s verse from Monster.

This time around she somehow one-upped that by tearing through the events of season one in what I believe the kids these days deem to be a “CERTIFIED BANGER.”

It’s good. She rules. Watch it.

The coolest of all the cool kids. Bow down, y’all.

The frozen waffle pithing at the end is an odd touch, but I guess it can’t be a thing on The Tonight Show without Fallon mugging his way into the shot somehow. But that’s a different argument for a different day.