How To Get A Five Star Review From Margaret And David

The Sydney Morning Herald have published information only previously available to members of The Illuminati and revealed how to receive a perfect five star film review from Margaret and David. In recent times, the duo have given unanimous five star reviews to tender Ang Lee romance Brokeback Mountain, Australian Caméra d’Or winner Samson & Delilah, Iranian drama A Separation and Coen Brothers Oscar winner No Country For Old Men. But what do these films all have in common?

“A five star film would be one that combines narrative excellence, performance excellence and especially visual excellence,” David explains. “And some kind of indefinable thing that’s hard to quantify.”

The same criteria that X Factor judges use, basically.

For Pomeranz it’s far more intuitive and dependent on the ability to be “in some way revelatory about the human condition”. You know, no biggie. “Generally, the films I give five stars to absolutely overwhelm me at the time, emotionally,” she says. “And the filmmaker has a serious intent; they are aspiring to be in some revelatory about the human condition.”

Now you know.

So how’s that screenplay coming along anyway?