Margaret And David Said an Emotional Goodbye to ‘At The Movies’

As much as it’s a cliche to say that something is the end of an era, this really is the end of an era – David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz have taped their last ever episode of At The Movies
The one-hour special will air next Tuesday, and along with the usual film reviews, will reportedly feature some sort of montage that incorporates Pomeranz’s hair throughout the ages, something for which we’re already dripping with excitement.
Allegedly, the episode also ends with a rare double five-star review from the pair – that movie may or may not be Horrible Bosses 2, in cinemas Thursday December 11.
On a more serious note, the pair took time to reflect on the fact that they are leaving the ABC at a time of great change, awarding a total of zero stars to the looming cuts at the network.
“I feel like I’m abandoning it in times of need,” Pomeranz said. “It’s tough times for public broadcasting in this country. Really tough.” Stratton added that the pair are “both quite distressed about what’s happened in the past two to three weeks.”
Ever-ready to one-up David, Margaret escalated things even further, saying “I’d take to the streets and most probably commit harakiri to keep news and current affairs going on the ABC and SBS.”
Stratton will remain the lead film critic for The Australian, while Pomeranz will spend her days roaming the corridors of The ABC in search of action:
via Sydney Morning Herald
Photo: Caroline McCredie via Getty Images