Hilarious Ledge Uses Petition To Get Neil Young To Change Name To Neil Old

Every blank text box is an opportunity for comedy, friends. Never forget that. And some jokes simply write themselves.

For all the, let’s be real here, useless quote-unquote “causes” that have petitions started for them on Change.org, every once in a while one comes along that’s so perfect and glorious and obvious that it makes you both elated and a little bit mad that it hadn’t happen before.
On November 12th, 2010, famed and iconic singer/songwriter Neil Young turned 65 years old, officially making him a senior citizen.
Now aged 70, Young is the subject of a brilliant petition that is impelling him to cease deceiving the public immediately by changing his name to Neil Old. At this point we would like to pause to give Noah Landers, the creator of this petition and (by extension) joke, a whole-hearted internet “dude, nice.”
The petition’s description calls for Young to immediately change his name to Old, in order to properly reflect his age, and to prevent his name from being an inaccurate misnomer.

“2010 was a big year. Obama put the affordable care act into action, Julian Assange unleashed his WikiLeaks, and the Chilean miners were trapped and later rescued. It was also the year that Canadian singer/songwriter Neil Percival Young turned 65, officially making him a senior citizen.”

“The name Neil Young promises a certain youthfulness to the uninformed listener and, while his alto singing voice remains boyish, it has become a matter of false advertisement. It’s time for “Shakey” to face the facts: he’s not a young man anymore and every passing day makes his name more of a misnomer.”

“I believe that after all these years of acclaim, accolades, and respect on the part of his fans, the least Neil could do is legally change his name to Neil Old.”

At the time of writing the petition 354 names attached to it, including that of UK troubadour Frank Turner.

I tell you, some jokes? They seriously just write themselves.

The petition can be found at this link. Support the cause.

Source: Change.org.
Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty.