PSA: You Can Sign A Petition To Swap Andrew Bolt For 50,000 Refugees

The struggles of the Syrian refugees – or indeed, asylum seekers in general – is nothing to make fun of. 

So, it’s a bloody good thing that we are not making any jokes at all when we say that you can sign a petition to swap hyper-conservative Australian journalist and generally punishing human being Andrew Bolt for 50,000 Syrian refugees. 
For reals:
While the petition is unfortunately obviously all in good fun (we think…?), it also links signatories to a helluva lot of good charities that help asylum seekers, and speaks openly about the horrendous human rights violations that currently occur on Nauru and Manus Island. It also sheds light on the fact that we have both the space and resources to help but we just don’t, including this little gem: “Australia has always had space despite Andrew Bolt’s massive ego.”
The petition has just hit the halfway mark of its 5000-signature goal, currently sitting pretty at 2776 at time of writing. 
C’mon Australia – let’s all step up and be the change we want to see in the world.