Here’s Yr Chance To Become A Good Neighbour & Rent A House On Ramsay St

Do you currently live in a house on a street where you do not know your neighbours, and/or they are not good, and they have not yet become your good friends? If you wish to change things up and move into a street where neighbours DO make good friends, now is your chance.

It’s a chance to live on Ramsay Street, you guys. The Robinson family home from iconic Aussie show Neighbours is up for grabs. And you don’t even have to have mortgage-money, because it is just up for rent. 

The house is actually not on a street called Ramsay, as that is just the trickery of television, but it is on the street you would recognise from every external shot ever of the street, called Pin Oak Court, which is situated in a Melbourne suburb called Vermont South.

This could be you, dancing to a violin.

The house is reportedly owned by a UK Neighbours absolute fanatic, who also owns a second house on the famous cul-de-sac, where we have seen loves and lives and drama and amnesia and all sorts of regular things we all go through.

Docking Real Estate agent Mark Week reckons the place has been completely empty since it was purchased in 1998, but it’s been used a bit by the Neighbours people for storage and “for the bathrooms”.

Harold might have taken a shit in your house’s toilet! What a selling point.

Mr Week said there would be special conditions attached to the rental agreement, but there would be no filming indoors.

It’s not invasive and they only film there two to three times per week. And you’ve certainly got security there with a security guard at the court 24/7.”

The asking price is only $480 a week, so if you’d like to live amongst Australian TV history, or you just happen to love outer suburbs of Melbourne, check out the details here.