Here’s The Actual, Official ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

Thanks to the wondrous combination that is the San Diego Comic Con and people’s smartphones, you all went absolutely boonta for the half-frame, you-can-kinda-make-out-all-the-characters version of the Suicide Squad trailer that found its way out of Hall H and onto the internet over the weekend.

For those of you who decided they wanted to wait until something clearer and “official” hit the internet, your long (48 hour) wait is finally over.
The actual, real, no foolin’, Suicide Squad trailer is here – in glorious high definition – for all your drooling needs.

Whilst, yes, this is undeniably badass and all – and seems to have justified all that whakadoo shit Jared Leto was pulling off in the name of “method acting.
But the biggest question from this remains: Who on Earth cuts into a steak like that?

It’s… it’s just WRONG, is what it is.