Helena Sauzier Said Niranga Was Going To Give Her His Rose On Bachie Last Night & Oh, Awks

Helena Sauzier / Bachelor in Paradise

Helena Sauzier quietly went home on Bachelor in Paradise last night after a pretty cruisy, albeit sometimes stressful, time on Horny Island. To be honest, she just didn’t meet the one for her and by last night’s rose ceremony, Helena was happy to head on home.

PEDESTRIAN.TV caught up with Helena following last night’s episode, here’s what she had to say.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: How did you feel going into Paradise?

Helena: I was super open! I think post-Bachelor I was just super open to anything happening. I didn’t have any expectations, whatever happens happens.

PTV: And was there anybody you wanted to see?

H: Um, I put down Jackson Garlick and I put down Carlin Sterritt, but obviously that didn’t end up happening.

PTV: So your initial connection with Glenn [Smith], could that have turned into anything more?

H: Mmm, he is so my type purely in the way he looks. We started chatting and there was just no banter, we didn’t bounce off each other at all so I think it was more of a friendship vibe.

PTV: Could you see yourself with any of the other guys?

H: No [laughs], not really. Yeah, no, there was nobody there that was definitely my kind of man, y’know?

PTV: Yeah, absolutely! So, at what point did you realise that you just didn’t vibe anyone?

H: Look, I think for me I can realise it pretty fast, you know what I mean? If there’s zero connection or something there. I was pretty interested in Jake [Ellis], but obviously he left. Then after that, no one really caught my eye.

PTV: And how was your date with Jake, I feel like we didn’t see much of it?

H: Yeah, the date was actually really wonderful. Obviously, they only showed the really serious stuff, but we actually laughed a lot and had a little kiss afterwards and stuff.

Jake and I used to laugh the whole time, he is actually hilarious. They didn’t show his humour, they should’ve!


PTV: Were you upset that you had to leave Paradise or were you ready to go?

H: I think I was ready to leave by then. It’s like everybody is forging this connection, you’re not, and you’re always like, “Maybe someone is going to walk in”, but it’s a maybe. Every four days, one new person walks in and everybody jumps on them, you know?

PTV: Yeah, I can imagine! But did you consider a friendship rose to stay another few days, just in case?

H: Oh, you know what? Niranga [Amarasinghe] actually wanted to give me his rose, but I told him no. Give it to Cass [Mamone], she’s 10 years older than me and there were like two people that she was interested in so I just told him, “I don’t think it makes much sense for you to give me your rose.” Like as much as I would like to stay, there are more people here for her.


PTV: So it looked like you had such a cruisy time in Paradise, what was the vibe like for you?

H: It was cruisy, but in a way it was also quite stressful. You’re just sort of watching everyone fall for each other and I genuinely was like, “God, this would be such an amazing place to be falling in love”, y’know? Like, waking up and being in Paradise with someone and going for a paddle board, and I was just there alone [laughs].

It was cruisy in a way, but the cruisiest position to be in is actually liking someone, to be honest.

PTV: Okay, so couples – who do you think will end up with each other?

H: I think Alisha [Aitken-Radburn] and Glenn are pretty strong and then I hope Mary [Viturino] and Conor [Canning], I have huge hope for those two, it’d be amazing if they end up together.

PTV: And who do you think we haven’t seen enough of?

H: I’d say probably Niranga!

PTV: Hard agree, what can you tell us about him, he’s copped next to no airtime.

H: He’s just a really nice human being, he’s super intelligent, he’s super nice, he’s actually really hilarious. But yeah, they haven’t really shown him at all so maybe his time is coming.

PTV: And do you think he has a connection with anyone in Paradise?

H: Right now? I would say no.

PTV: And lastly, would you do Paradise again?

H: Nooo, I don’t think I’d do Paradise again. I think [laughs] I think my time is done, I don’t think I’m ready to be that person that comes back again [laughs].