Staged readings of classic movie scripts are totally a thing now. 

A few years back, Mindy Kaling and James Van Der Beek did a live read of The Breakfast Club, solidifying our squad goals and making all our dreams come true in the process. 

This weekend, a similarly excellent live read took place, when Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbener, Patton Oswalt and Olivia Munn got together at a Montreal comedy festival to perform The Big Lebowski.

Now, that lineup in itself is pretty exciting, but it was even more so when people realised that J-Law would be performing Maude Lebowski, the role originally played by Julianne Moore, and would be reading out the famous vagina monologue. 

Here’s the original, for the sake of reference and because it never gets old: 

Fassbender wore the signature Jeff Briges bathrobe and gave what has been described as “the most laid-back performance of his career”, while Munn apparently stepped on a few of J-Law’s lines. The evening, overall, was a huge success. 

What a blast! #jflmtl @cfccreates @telefilm_

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And now, the part you’ve all been waiting for. A fan-made video captured the crucial scene where Maude Lebowski holds forth about the strongly vaginal quality of her art, and about the male obsession with dicks, rods, and johnsons.

Unfortunately, the visuals aren’t worth a damn due to the darkened theatre, but the audio is crystal clear. The scene begins around the two-minute mark. Enjoy!


via People
Photo: Chelsea Lauren via Getty Images