Harry Styles Is Producing A Sitcom About His Life & A ‘Neighbours’ Kid Is In It

Despite the fact that he’s only 24-sodding-years-old, Harry Styles has covered a fair amount of ground in his wee little life. Enough, as it turns out, to base an entire sitcom off of.

Styles can now count “executive producer” on his list of job titles, with the ex-Directioner serving as the EP on a new CBS sitcom that is loosely based on his own life.

Happy Together looms as a multi-cam sitcom, centred on a happily married suburban couple in their 30s who have their lives upended when a burgeoning young pop star comes to live with them.

That premise is loosely based on Styles’ actual living situation in his late teens; in the transition period between being an X-Factor contestant and One Direction blowing up to be the cultural juggernaut that it was, Styles moved in with his friend Ben Winston and his wife at their suburban London home.

Winston is also serving as an EP on the project; a sideways shift from his regular gig as an EP on The Late, Late Show with James Corden.

Better still, the cast sports the hugely in-demand Damon Wayans Jr and Amber Stevens West will fill the roles of the couple-in-question, with 19-year-old Aussie actor Felix Mallard stepping to the role inspired by Styles.

Mallard, you might’ve picked, is familiar to Australian audiences via his role as Ben Kirk on Neighbours, which he held since 2014. Mallard’s last appearance on the soap came on April 10th this year.

CBS posted an extended first-look at the show, which has been ordered to series, a little earlier today.


No word yet on when the show will premiere specifically, but CBS is featuring it heavily as a cornerstone of their new Autumn (over there, so think like… September-ish) lineup of shows. Given Network Ten’s financial reliance on the American broadcaster, it seems likely we’ll see the show out here sooner rather than later.